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Dr. Huang Yadong was invited to participate in the first light medicine beauty Development Forum

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Hosted by cibe and co organized by the Chinese medicine beauty industry branch of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, the "first light medicine beauty Development Forum" was successfully concluded in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Dr. Huang Yadong of our center was invited to participate in this grand meeting and share the "light medical beauty" cosmetics market insight and technological innovation.
In his speech, Huang Bo expressed his views on the beauty of light medicine. Compared with traditional medical aesthetics, light medical aesthetics is an effective project technology with less trauma, higher safety factor, higher frequency of use. At present, photoelectric therapy, radio frequency and microneedle are widely used in light medicine and beauty. Among them, solid, hollow and soluble biological material microneedles are produced through various processes. The purpose is to form channels on the skin barrier and promote the penetration and absorption of nutrients such as essence. This is the most direct way of administration, which can solve skin problems, such as acne, acne pits, sensitive muscles, dull skin color, spots, wrinkles, aging, hair loss, etc. Light medical beauty focuses on the joint application of products and instruments, and the effective ingredients can accelerate the percutaneous absorption through the instrument to achieve the best effect. After finishing the medical and aesthetic project, the skin barrier will be damaged more or less, so postoperative repair is particularly important.
Huang Bo also mentioned that more and more young people accept medical beauty, and China's medical beauty industry is developing rapidly. Light medical beauty is more in line with contemporary young people's pursuit of a fast, painless and effective lifestyle. The continuous iterative upgrading of new raw materials and new products and the perfect combination of instruments must be the development trend of light medicine and beauty.